Freelance Services


Why WOrk with a dramaturg?

Even before dramaturgs became recognized as an important member of the theatrical artistic team, theatre artists were engaged in the skills and techniques of dramaturgy. Over the past four decades, dramaturgy as a profession has expanded in the US. Dramaturgs can be found in theatres, universities, working in film and television, with writers and directors and actors, as producers and generators of new material, and beyond. dramaturgs can help you develop your script or project, conduct research, provide context for the world of the play, serve as an audience member before there is an audience, connect theatre artists to each other and to their audiences. dramaturgs travel to new planets and share their discoveries with others.

Why work with me?

I have almost two decades of experience working in theatre as a dramaturg, writer, and producer. While I have worked on a variety of projects with theatres of varying sizes and budgets, nothing is more exciting to me than diving into a new script with a playwright, exploring the world they have created, and helping to take that world from words on a page into living and breathing action. I come to each project with a collaborative spirit, an extensive knowledge of theatre history, theory, script analysis, and storytelling technique, an attention to detail, and passion for making theatre.

Pricing and Service Packages

Each of these services can be tailored to meet the needs of the project and the collaborators. Contact me for a free consultation to determine your needs.

Script Reading and Consultation:

$50-$500 Variable Fee

I will read your script and provide feedback tailored to your project and goals.

Production Dramaturgy:

$500-$5000+ Variable Fee

Includes research, in-rehearsal collaboration, audience engagement, and contextual materials over the course of longer period of time.

Research, Writing, and Editing Services:

$100-$1000 Variable Fee

Need a bit (or a lot) of research done to help you generate ideas or move a project forward? Or grant writing assistance? Or a bit of copyediting and formatting? A program note or an article? I can create a package that works for you.

Public SPeaking and COaching:


As a communications teacher, I have improved the speaking and presentation styles of many students. I can help you prepare for a speech, presentation, interview, or more.

WOrkshops and speaking engagements:

$500-$2000 + Travel

I offer a variety of workshops and lectures on dramaturgy, theatre history, arts-based community building, civic dramaturgy, script analysis, playwriting, and more. I can work with groups of any size, age, or skill level.

Interested in my services? Fill out the contact form or send me an email.