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I am a dramaturg, a scholar, and an educator.  I make theatrical pieces and carry out research that is investigative, curious, city-minded, and spatially-aware.  My work questions, upends, challenges, and deconstructs illusory and seemingly-natural systems in order to decolonize and de-capitalize spaces and places and re-center the human and the social within them. 

Simply put, I commit acts of civic dramaturgy.

LaRonika Thomas is a doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland developing a theory of civic dramaturgy for her dissertation on performances of urban planning, cultural space and cultural policy, and the role of art and culture in 21st century Chicago.  A professional dramaturg, producer, and writer, LaRonika worked in the Baltimore/DC area before returning to school for her doctorate.  Her chapter, “Digital Dramaturgy and Digital Dramaturgs” is included in The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy.  She was the 2016 recipient of the ATDS Graduate Student Travel Award for her paper “Toward a Civic Dramaturgy: Performances of Urban Planning in Chicago from Daniel Burnham to Theaster Gates.”

A professional dramaturg, producer, and writer, LaRonika has worked in dramaturgy, literary management, and arts education in Chicago and the Baltimore/DC region.  

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about participant / observer

participant / observer is the professional web site for LaRonika Thomas where you can find information on her creative and scholarly work, as well as engage with musings and observations about dramaturgy, theatre, teaching, and the world at large.


About Civic dramaturgy

Civic dramaturgy is a process of performing identity through changes to and impacts on the built environment, as well as a method of analyzing and contextualizing those performances to better understand the multiple modes of identity expression that make up a specific place, in the case of my dissertation work, that place is the city of Chicago.

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